Conservation & ecotourism

Conservation programmes and ecotourism

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Consultancy services drawing on experience in Seychelles

We can deliver a range of specialist consultancy services for conservation and eco-tourism minded hotels, island managers, government agencies, NGOs, contractors and other consultancies, and other partners. Our capabilities draw on previous experience in Seychelles designing and delivering world-class conservation and eco-tourism programmes and projects.

Based in England, we can work worldwide under flexible arrangements as required by our clients and partners. We can work both remotely and on the ground, with site visits as suits, and on contract or retainer.

We offer: desk assessments, reviews and environmental audits; surveys and site visits; conservation management plans; monitoring programmes and analysis; project design, bid writing and reports; guest engagement programmes and materials; volunteer programme design and management; articles, brochures and social media updates; and design and training for company outreach.

ICS island partners

Review, survey and planning

Desk assessments, reviews and environmental audits

Reviewing existing data and reports alongside our knowledge, we can assess and review your site and its potential in a comprehensive environmental audit that is best complemented by one or more site visits for our in-house surveying.

Surveys and site visits

Key to planning environment and conservation programmes is knowing and understanding the environmental assets that your site has. We can design and carry out ecological and other surveys to inform your environmental programme.

Conservation management plans

We can work with you to design and incorporate into your practices a comprehensive conservation management plan that maximises impact and use of your available resources within the practical constraints that we are experienced with in remote island contexts.

Monitoring programmes and analysis

Key to informing ongoing conservation practices is monitoring your environmental assets and the impacts of your activities. We can design integrated monitoring programmes for all aspects of your flora, fauna and island ecosystem, and provide an ongoing advisory service to include analysis and reporting of gathered data.

Project design, bid writing and reports

Turning an idea into a funded project requires expertise. We can work with you to clarify and develop your idea, designing a project to deliver your objectives and writing the bid to meet specific funding body criteria. This will maximise the likelihood of securing the funding to deliver – and we can be with you through project delivery and final reporting as delivery agents or advisors.

Eco-tourism: guests and publicity

Guest engagement programmes and materials

Maximise the impact of your environmental stewardship on your guest experience by including them in your vision. We can review both how to help your guests feel they are active contributors and how to emphasise your public environmental credentials. Nature tour plans and materials, specific bird watching or other naturalist activities, and engagement in active conservation management activities can all be tailored to your circumstances.

Volunteer programme design and management

Many non-governmental organisations (NGOs), various small private profit making companies, and some island hotels engage volunteers in different kinds of programmes to contribute to their conservation efforts. We can help you decide if a volunteer programme, and of what scope, might contribute to your vision and support you in bringing that into practice.

Articles, brochures and social media updates

Sharing what you do for conservation is key to engaging your guests, potential future guests, government bodies, community support, public standing, and future funding opportunities. We can write articles and brochures for you upon request. Keeping social media feeds regularly updated can present a challenge to do in-house – so we also offer a service to provide social media updates under your name according to your desired frequency and programme.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Design and training for company outreach

We can create environmental education sessions and programmes for organisations and companies in need of support for their outreach or corporate social responsibility programmes. Sessions and materials can be designed in discussion with your lead contact and we can then either train your staff to deliver or implement the sessions on your behalf.

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